Saronic Gulf

The Saronic Gulf (Greek: Saronikós kólpos) or Gulf of Aegina in Greece forms part of the Aegean Sea and defines the eastern side of the isthmus of Corinth. It is the eastern terminus of the Corinth Canal, which cuts across the isthmus.

The gulf includes the islands of Aegina, Salamis, and Poros along with smaller islands of Patroklos and Fleves. The port of Piraeus, Athens' port, lies on the northeastern edge of the gulf. The site of the former Ellinikon International Airport is also in the northeast.

Beaches line much of the gulf coast from Poros to Epidaurus, Galataki to Kineta and from Megara to Eleusis and from Piraeus down to Anavyssos. Athens' urban area surrounds the northern and the eastern coasts of this gulf.

Suggested Itineraries

Suggested 7 Day Yacht Charters:
1. Alimos – Poros – Hydra – Spetses – Dokos – Aigina – Alimos
2. Alimos – Aegina – Hydra – Spetses – Ermioni – Poros – Alimos

Suggested 14 Day Yacht Charters:
1. Alimos – Hydra – Spetses – Nauplio – Porto Cheli – Dokos – Ermioni – Poros – Epidauros – Alimos